The Black Powder Tip Set


Includes; The Blast Cap, The Keg, and The Cannon

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Great for everyday use, just as comfortable taking car of texture as it is flattening waves. People have described it as “freaky good” as both a knockdown and pushing tip.


This is your crown killing champion, on your hammer or your knockdown, this thing lays down crowns, and waves with no texture whatsoever.  This is also the king of “directional crown movement” feed the dent displaced metal = push less.


For big stubborn crowns that you absolutely do not want to make markers in, this big beast is the animal. Hammer away to your heart's content you’ll have a hard time creating texture and marks with this one.

Handcrafted leather tip and full aluminum body.


Additional information

Weight1.6 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in
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